Gonzalez诉Downtown LA Motors,LP –申请日为2013年3月6日,出版物定于2013年4月2日,美国第二区二

“In a wage and hour class action between automotive service technicians and Downtown LA Motors, a Los Angeles Mercedes-Benz dealership, the California Court of Appeal held that the employer-dealership must pay its employees for each and every hour worked. The dealership had previously paid the technicians on a 单价 bases for their repair work and supplemented the total amount of their wages to ensure they received at least minimum wage for the hours they were at the dealership. However, the Court disagreed with the employer-dealership and determined that this method of compensation violated California wage and hour law. The Court further stated that wage and hour laws should be liberally construed in favor of protecting workers.

加州第二巡回上诉法院认为,在加州’的最低工资法,用人单位在其“piece-rate”维修工作的基础还必须支付这些技术人员每小时最低工资,以支付他们轮班期间等待车辆修理或执行雇主指示的其他非维修任务所需的时间。被告汽车经销店,Downtown LA Motors,辩称不需要向技术人员单独支付每小时的最低工资,“down-time”因为它确保了技术人员’工资期的总薪酬不低于雇主所称的“minimum wage floor” –技术人员在薪酬期内工作的总小时数乘以适用的最低工资率。


法院认为,拖欠工资是“willful” because there were instances when Downtown LA Motors failed to cover shortfalls between 单价 wages and the 最低工资底线. The Court affirmed the penalty award under Labor Code section 203 against the dealership and agreed with plaintiffs that each and every hour worked must be compensated.”